Epson XP-310 Printer Review, Price and Specs

Epson XP-310 Printer Review, Price and Specs

Epson XP-310 Ideal for any project, affordable expression Home XP-310 offers outstanding wireless printer functionality in the elegant, space-saving design. Print anywhere in your home with a Wi - Fi certified, as well as free Wi - Fi direct for direct printing.

You can even print to iPad, iPhone, Tablet and smartphone. And supporting Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Epson XP-310 printer including 1.44 in LCD and memory card slot for simple photo printing without a computer. Take the mold and go through the fast drying DURABrite Ultra ink. You can even scan a document and save it as a PDF or JPEG file or make copies of color bright in an instant.

epson xp-310 best buy
epson xp-310 best buy

International standard ISO print speed print speed is important when you buy a printer or an all-in-one printer epson. But how do you compare the printing speed at different manufacturers measure it in different ways? Now you can. Just like the rank "MPG" on a new car, it is now industry standard for measuring print speed, allowing "apples to apples" comparisons between brands and models of different printers. Organization international standards (or ISO) developed this industry standard approved and accepted at the international level, specifically for inkjet printers and all-in-one. Measure the ' off the beaten ' (default) speed print printing scenario using the 'real world', so you can be sure you get the products at the speed you need. ""

Additional features Epson XP-310

  • Easy installation and control - 1.44 "LCD control panel and put it all at your fingertips"
  • Wireless complete solution - connect to your wireless network in minutes; more free Wi - Fi direct
  • Epson easy print of Connect-iPad, iPhone, Tablet and smartphone
  • Small size without compromise - compact design; a great performance
  • Superb print quality-get a strong, incisive and brilliant photos, documents all in a set
  • Print photos, free-PC-card slot and screen LCD integrated to easily view then print photos
  • Best image enhancement tools-busting, restoring photos and images corrections / underexposed
  • The photos are in tangible reality and documents - ink drying instant smudge, fade and water resistant prints
  • Brilliant results, smart value - available in several sizes, individual ink cartridges
  • Operation quiet, focusing on what is important

For the average home user, the Epson XP-310 printer Printer Review, Price and Specs will be an excellent choice. This is all you need, print, copy and scan wireless while taking very little office space.

epson xp-310 driver
epson xp-310 driver

The installation is very painful. They recommend using a USB cable (not included) to prepare wireless at the beginning and adding after that. It worked very well for me. The installation guide is somehow connected to my network wireless without me even having to enter password wi - fi free. Then I disconnected the cable and printed a page of test first without a hitch. Next to the update of the firmware. Via a wireless connection, the first 3 attempts failed. After I connect to the USB cable in return, firmware updated well and I was able to do everything wireless since then.

epson xp-310 review
epson xp-310 review

There are two ways to scan with epson xp-310 printer. You can use the screen of the printer for quick scan directly to your computer as JPEG, PDF, scan to Outlook mail. For more flexibility, start a scan from the Epson Scan of your computer software where you can change the colors, contrast, resolution, etc. before scanning. Both functions work wireless.

I still have the printer long enough to comment on durability. In general, let me mention that the first printer that I ever bought cost $ 400 and it lasted me about 7 years. Printer while doing ten times more things, but they are not made to last, especially at this price there. I hope to have many years of use out of it before that something did not, how I might want to update anyway.

A small Council on your ink, I have experience with 3 other models of Epson printers and they handle filled, non - OEM ink cartridges is very good. You will get a flood of error messages when you try to install your ink cartridges not expensive and even if you are before them, the quality of your photos will be atrocious. Re-manufacture of ink so tempting because of the price difference, but I'm sure that he had killed at least five printers

Epson XP-310 Price

This Epson printer of XP-310 price around $57 and $91 with ink bundle.

Below the video review of Epson XP-310

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