Epson T13x General Error Problems

Epson T13x General Error Problems

In this article I will discuss the common error of Epson T13x General Error Problems.

Epson printer T13x printer is a very good and very reliable printing with inks for the sublime that is devoted to screen printing. In contrast to other printers with another brand, this printer is great for screen printing but often occur error Epson T13x General Error Problems.

Epson Stylus T13x is a very good product from epson that began to circulate in the market between the years 2011 to 2013 with a nicer and simpler than the earlier Epson T13 modifications differ also with other printer models.

For those of us who frequently use the infusion then ink problems often occur Error General on Epson printer T13x. most of these issues are caused by the movement of the Cartridge inside the printer that hampered and cannot move to the left and to the right. Sometimes snagged with a hose on the printer.

Can also be caused by a damaged cartridge cartridge types primarily infusion (CISS) or it could just be a damaged Print head but fuse (fuse) normal headnya. And the last one the most common cable head is damaged or broken.

To resolve this Erorr General by unplugging all USB connection except the printer with your computer. This is to avoid errors on other printers. If diinfus can Print by pressing the first button infusion for 8 to 10 seconds without moving parts and then position the head printer ketengah could otherwise pull the manual by pulling the rubber inside the printer carefully to avoid damage to the head printer Epson Stylus T13 modifications.

Another way that can be done to solve the problem of General Error this is by turning off the printer first. Then disconnect all existing infusion tanks on printer T13 modifications and replace with original Epson tanks. Manually or automatically position the tank head ketengah printer and press the button that is on a drip for 8 to 10 seconds as the first way. Pull back the original Epson tanks and attach infusion tanks that exist. Then continue by turning off the print and turn on the way back.

Congratulations your printer should be nice back without having to replace the head. Hopefully the article how to fix problems with the Epson T13x General Error is beneficial. Please contact me on facebook if you haven't succeeded.

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