Epson XP-310 Error Printing e-01 and e-02 or Communation Error

Epson XP-310 Error Printing e-01

Epson XP-310 Error Printing e-01 - Sometimes we often experience the e02 error on Epson printer Epson XP-310 and in this article, we will learn how to troubleshoot Error E-02 on Epson printer XP-310.

If the printer Epson XP-310 having problems Error E-01 and E-02 Error where XP-310 Epson printer can't do copy and scan, then the printer is experiencing a serious problem that must be repaired immediately, below is how to fix the problem of error in Epson printer XP-310.

epson xp-310 error e-01
Epson XP-310 error e-01

How to fix error on Epson printer XP-310 as an error E-01 is to check in advance the conditions of ink on the printer you are using i.e. Epson printer XP-310. Some problems often happen here where the ink is empty and the printer can not scan or copy documents activities that we want to create.

If the ink on Epson printer XP-310 error printing is empty or depleted, please buy new cartridges or refill the ink so that the error messages on the printer does not appear again and cause a problem on the printer. Our advice is to always wear a genuine product from Epson because in addition to the printed result is nice, with the use of original spare parts then your printer will be durable and long-lasting with no printer can shred like Epson L800 printer.

If we are refilling ink on Epson printer XP-310 printer error make sure we pulled it out of the printer head and then clear parts of the chip to be able to walk normally again.

epson xp-310 error e-02
epson xp-310 error e-02

Another solution for the mengilangkan error message on Epson printer XP-310 with error message E01 and E02 is to try to release or revoke the power card pad aprinter and return after 10 minutes later. This will reset your printer being as they are.

Then koneksikan the USB connectors of the printer with a computer that is you use after 2 minutes. Make sure you have installed Epson printer drivers for XP-310 or you can download.

Turn off your computer and turn on the computer again are you using and reinstall the cable to the printer. And if the problem still occurs, namely appear error e-01 and e-02 immediately contact the costumer care epson or local dealers in your area so that this issue can be resolved in Epson printer XP-310. May be useful.

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