Epson ET-2550 Reset Ink Levels Step by Steps

Epson ET-2550 Reset Ink Levels - You wanna refill ink tank in ET-2550 but you forgot to reset ink levels? you can follow this step to reset ink levels easily.

Epson ET-2550 Reset Ink Levels
Epson ET-2550 Reset Ink Levels

Note : The Epson ET-2550 could not straight determine the ink degrees in the storage tanks; rather it approximates the quantity of ink staying by inside keeping an eye on ink use. The reduced ink sharp system could produce unreliable messages if the ink storage tanks are not replenished according to the guidelines in the item's User's Guide.

Aesthetically check the ink degrees in the item's ink containers to verify the real ink degrees. Proceeded use the item when the ink is used up can harm the item.

  1. Press Home button or Power button
  2. Pick Setup > Maintenance > Reset Ink Levels by up or down arrow button on the printer
  3. Press Green Start button at printer > Then OK > OK
  4. Press arrow button to see your ink you've refill > Press OK. Repeat for each and every ink storage tank shade you replenished.
  5. Press Green Start button again to reset ink levels in Epson ET-2550 > OK
  6. Complete.
Hopefully this Epson ET-2550 Reset Ink Levels is useful for you, if you have problems and constraints with your printer, please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact page above this website. Thanks.

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