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Do you use an economical space and efficient device for scanning your document?

The Epson DS-1610 was attended with low usage or light in weight and economical space. You can support your device with our great the driver software. Get it by clicking this link.

The Epson DS-1610 was released by Epson has high-speed scanning and high efficiency for duplex scanning at 22ppm/ 8ipm under A4 200/ 300 dpi, black or color at the same time. Both using ADF or flatbed scanner, the speed can increase rapidly. This can make the operation easier and increase efficiency.
Epson DS-1610 Driver Scanner

The scanner was designed creatively. the designs of its body are thin and light, unlimited space office users. The design of ADF’s cover is unique too. It can stop in any position after being lifted
Here are the reviews and specifications of this Epson DS-1610. Get the driver too to support more your device by clicking this link.
  1. The product type is the A4 ADF  flatbed high-speed color document scanner by duplex scanning.
  2. The scanning method is ADF + flatbed scanner with element photosensitive “CIS”
  3. The scanning speed is 200/ 300 dpi, black and white or color in the same moment.
  4. The resolution is 600 × 600dpi for ADF and 1200 × 1200 dpi for tablet
  5. The maximum size of scanning document is A4
  6. This scanner has Document Capture Pro which is great for managing the file. It can send the scanned file to an email, chosen folder, etc. It also makes the complicating management file to be more efficient.
  7. It uses cable type scanning USB 3.0 which can minimize the budget of the user.
  8. It provides one year-fixing service which is available to the original machine standard.
  9. The depths are 10 bit / pixel (input)  and 8 bit / pixel (output)
  10. The resolution of Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is 600dpi × 600dpi: 1200dpi × 1200dpi (Tablet)
  11. The capacity of the feeder is 50 sheets (80g/m2) 5mm combined
  12. The light source is using LED
  13. The scanning speed for ADF is 200dpi/ 300 dpi (black and white/ color) ; 22 ppm/8ipm, 300 dpi (black and white) 6 seconds per page and 300dpi (color) : 7 seconds per page for Tablet
  14. The maximum size of the machine is 216x297 mm in ADF’s two sides, 216 × 297mm in ADF’s one side, and 216 x 297 mm in flatbed scanning.
  15. The Epson DS-1610 can handle 1500 sheets based on its daily duty cycle data which is with size 451 × 318 × 121mm
  16. The thickness of paper for this device is 50 g / m 2 ~ 120 g / m 2
  17. The product category is Driver Peripheral / Epson EPSON produced by Epson.
  18. The size of the device is 67.7MB
  19. It uses simple Chinese in the language program.

Those were some reviews and specifications needed to know. You can find easily the driver here. It will support your device more optimal. Download the driver now!

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