Epson Printer Inkjet For A3 Size Paper

Understanding 5 Types of Epson Printers: Dot Matric, Epson Printer Inkjet For A3 Size Paper, etc.

Before deciding to buy an Epson printer, not only Epson Printer Inkjet For A3 Size Paper, here are the types of Epson printers that you should know.

1. Epson Dot Matrix Printer

This printer is called dot matrix because it uses document printing techniques in the form of dots or dots that are joined together and combined into one printout. 

Epson Dot Matrix Printer

This dot matrix is one of the first generation printers because it still uses cartridges to print documents. 

Because it uses ribbons or cartridges that are pressed like a typewriter, the dot matrix printer is capable of printing documents as much as 3 to 4 layers of paper that use carbon. 

2. Epson Inkjet Printer

This type of printer is a form of development of the dot matrix. 

Epson Printer Inkjet For A3 Size Paper has a lot in common, but inkjet has abandoned the use of cartridges as in dot matrix printers and uses ink as the printing media. 

Currently, this type of desk jet or inkjet printer is a type of printer that is very popular to use because it is practical, and can print quite quickly, and can print color documents.

Despite many similarities, inkjet or Epson Printer Inkjet For A3 Size Paper is far more reliable than the dot matrix. Inkjet has better print power or print speed compared to dot matrix, more color variations, and easy installation, available drivers, and using a cable that has a USB port.

3. Epson Jet Laser Printer

As the name implies, this printer can print documents at high speed. 

The resulting color is very sharp, the paper size varies greatly, even some products are equipped with scanners and photocopying features.

This laserjet type printer does not use cartridges or ink but uses toner powder as its coloring. The size of this laserjet printer varies, ranging from small to large. This type of printer is more suitable for use in offices.

4. Epson Thermal Printer

This printer uses heat to print. 

With thermal technology, this type of printer is not noisy at all when used. The advantage is that this printer can print quickly, and its small size.

Even though it sounds strange, in fact, you often encounter thermal printers. This type of printer is often used to print receipts, such as ATMs, parking tickets, shopping receipts, to debit transactions.

5. Epson Direct To Garment Printer

Unlike other printers that can only print documents or photos, Direct To Garment (DTG) type printers are only devoted to printing images on fabric. This type of DTG printer is widely used specifically for screen printing businesses, so there is no need to bother doing manual printing.

Because it is used for screen printing, the ink used by these printers is different and more expensive.

After knowing the types of printers, not only knowing about Epson Printer Inkjet For A3 Size Paper, now we can already distinguish each function so that it is not wrong to buy, right?

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