Download Epson L4160 Driver Printer

Epson L4160 can be your all-mighty printer with a compact design. Download its driver on the link below.

For users who want to have a printer that can provide them everything, L4160 seems to be a great choice that they can take into account. As mentioned before, it has such a compact design which will make it a good item to complete your working desk. Moreover, thanks to the ink tank that is made integrated to the printer, it becomes a small and compact printer that will fit any environment. Then, what is else that we can get from this printer?

Well, there are actually many things that we can expect from the printer. One of the things that we can expect is the ink tank which makes it possible for you to save more cost. If you need to replace one cartridge to another by using another printer, Epson L4160 makes it possible for you to refill the ink. More interestingly, the tank size which is big enough will be able to save more ink for your printer. So you do not need too much often to refill the ink. Then, it is also individual that you do not need to replace for the rest ink when the ink that is running out is only the yellow one or the magenta one and so on.

Moreover, it is also possible for us to expect for more saving cost by activating the duplex printing feature. When you may get it difficult to print on both of the paper sides before, by using Epson L4160 you will be able to easily print on both of your paper’s side. It is not only saving because you can use one sheet of paper to print two pages. It can also help us to save the earth by decreasing the number of papers that we use. 

Furthermore, you can also expect for Wi-Fi connection when using this device. It is actually a common feature that is owned by many printers. It is not impossible for you to print by using your phone and another device with Wi-Fi Direct function. Epson L4160 offers both Wi-Fi network and Wi-Fi Direct which will make it easier to you to operate the printer. In addition, it also has borderless printing feature which is up to A4 size. Now, you can print on your paper without being limited by a margin. 

Next, we do not need to forget about the print speed. With all of those features mentioned above, this printer has a quick print speed which is 10.5ipm for monochrome and 5.0ipm for color printing. It is considered fast and good in case of the performance. Now, to operate the printer, you will need a driver to work with the printer since you need to install it first. If you lose your CD driver or just do not have CD-ROM, it means that you have to download it online. Now, you can download the Epson L4160 driver on the link above. 

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