How to Fill Ink On Epson L1800

How to Fill Ink On Epson L1800

In this article we will help you to figure out how to step by step how to fill the ink on the latest Epson printer, Printer Epson L1800.

To fill the ink on Epson printer L1800 advance you can open the box to the right of the printer ink to start filling. Further open the first one after the ink that is provided on the box when buying a printer Epson L1800.
how to fill ink on epson L1800

Open the cover of the ink and the ink began to fill in as we need. Make sure when filling ink, each color matched so that no one, especially during the printing process.

Epson L1800 consists of 6 ink. Among them are magenta (M), Light Magenta (LM), Blue (B), Light Blue (LB), Black (BK), and Yellow (Y). By having 6 colors at once in one printer it is certain that this printer is great for photo printers in the business venture.

below is a complete tutorial in video form how to get started using the Epson L1800 especially when filling the ink to the printing process.

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