The advantages of epson printer l1800

The advantages of epson printer l1800 - L1800 printer Epson printer is the latest from the manufacturer Epson has many advantages. Among the advantages that are present on the epson printer that will include as summarized in the following article.

Epson L1800
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Excess epson printer L1800

L1800 epson printer can print on A3 paper so that the printer has been named as the world's first printer that can print on A3 size paper. Of course with print sizes up to A3 in the photography business is very easy to print images that are relatively large in size and faster to use epson printer l1800.

In addition, l1800 printer is a printer that uses ink tanks that infusion orisinir can directly be used when buying a printer. In the ink tank, we can fill in the 6 types of colors in which this ink tank is cyan, yellow, magenta, black, light magenta, light cyan and so the print is very detailed and very good prints.

Speed ​​of epson printer l1800 can reach speeds up to 15 ipm at 4R paper within 58 seconds, this is faster than the printer in general but nevertheless very detailed printout and the detial suitable for printing photos or photography business.

Similarly, some of the advantages of L1800 epson printer that is great for photo printing, of course we are always required to use original inks so the images keep good, high quality and durable. Tentus wrote to maintain good print results and long life.

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