Cost of Printing with an Epson L120 and L210

Cost of Printing with an Epson L120 and L210 - Inkjet printers epson property is very suitable for everyday because the Ink Tank we can print more easily and with low cost. But how the heck the price of print for each sheet by using the Epson printer L120?

To print color, capital that is issued for each color prints are valued at Rp. 35 or $ 0.0023. Quite efficient to print so not much cost to print with the printer. The same thing also if you use the Epson printer L210, because the price of the same tintanya then issued capital is also the same. The difference only lies in the L210 Epson printer can do a scan or referred to as the printer All In One.
Cost of Printing with an Epson L120 and L210
Cost of Printing with an Epson L120 and L210

L120 printer and L210 alike use ink with 4 colours, namely Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and Black. Make sure you use original ink so that it prints always produce good pictures and certainly not quickly ruin the printer you use.

Resolution prints at a price as I have mentioned above, it can reach up to 720 x 720 dpi. For Epson printers can print the L210 with resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi to produce very detailed photos. Download driver for epson printer in this site.

If you have more money you can buy epson printers L210 because in addition to efficient printer can also print with subtle and can perform scans and copies.

Prints with the Epson printer L210 can reach up to 8.5 to black and 4.5 for colors. While the L210 Epson printers can print much faster i.e. 27 ppm and 15 ppm. Fast enough so it can sum up the time you to print with the epson printer.

So that review what price or capital issued to print with epson printers and Epson L210 L120.

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