Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review and Price

Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review and Price - Created for expert photographers and just the most major novices, the Epson Perfection V850 Pro (US$ 949.99) is probably the scanner of option if you desire the very best possible scan quality for photos and do not mind spending for the benefit. The catch is that you can get almost the very same scan quality in an Epson design that costs about 25 percent less. Whether the V850 is worth the price depends on how much of a perfectionist you are.

Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review and Price

Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review and Price
Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review and Price

The quality and control you require to maintain invaluable originals, right in your studio-- it's simple with the Epson Perfection V850 Pro easy to digitally archive essentially any initial. 6400 dpi resolution1, a 4.0 Dmax, advanced dual-lens and optics scanning make sure amazing outcomes whether scanning slides, negatives or movie.

The V850 is the next-generation variation of the Epson Perfection V750-M Pro, which it's in the procedure of changing. It's likewise Epson's present high-grade photo scanner, one step up from the Epson Perfection V800 Photo, which is our Editors' Choice for a high-grade movie scanner for prosumers.

There aren't numerous distinctions in between the V850 and its less costly near-twin. Both are flatbeds, which implies they can scan photographic prints, however the genuine factor to get either one is for scanning movie.

Where the 2 mainly vary remains in their optics. The V850 provides exactly what Epson calls a boosted variation of the optical system in Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review and Price. The only other distinctions, according to Epson, are an additional set of movie holders for the V850 and a somewhat various set of software application.

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Having 2 sets of movie holders lets you scan one set of originals while placing the next set in a various holder, which is a beneficial benefit if you're scanning a great deal of originals at the same time. Epson states you cannot purchase added holders independently at this writing, although it anticipates them to be readily available at some time.

The V850's software application consists of a somewhat-more-capable variation of LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast scan energy than the one that comes with the Epson V800. The enhancement will typically be little adequate compared with the V800 scan quality that you might not consider it worth the additional work, much less the additional expense.

Setup and Basics

Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review
Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review

Setup is normal for a USB-connected scanner, although the Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review and Priceis a bit larger and heavier than a lot of, at 6 by from X-Rite i1 and SilverFast SE Plus 8, which is the midlevel variation of the full-function SilverFast Ai Studio 8, the only software application that includes the scanner is Epson's own scan energy, Epson Scan, which is exactly what I made use of for the majority of my tests.

X-Rite i1's calibration files will work with either scan energy. The very first step, for example, is to pick the calibration target you're about to scan from a list in the program.

Epson states it's aware of this problem and is producing documents with the missing out on information, which you'll have the ability to download from Epson's site. The info ought to have been consisted of with the scanner when it delivered. Without it, the V850 seems like it's missing out on a last polish.


Epson provides 2 sets of 4 movie holders created for a range of movie formats, consisting of 35mm slides, 35mm strips of movie, medium-format movie up to 6-by-20 centimeters (mostly 2.25-inch, 6-by-20 centimeters, 120, and 220 format), and 4-by-5-inch movie. To scan, you initially put the slides or movie in the suitable holder and position it on the flatbed, or place the Film Area Guide on the flatbed and put the movie in the Guide.

For my movie scan tests, I made use of both 35mm slides and strips of movie. The slide holder lets you place as much as 12 slides for scanning with a single command. The 35mm movie design template can hold up to 3 6-frame strips of movie, or 18 frames.

Scan quality was remarkable. At both 2,400 ppi and the optimum optical resolution of 6,400 ppi, the real resolution-- suggesting the capability to deal with information-- was proper for the setting, and vibrant variety was outstanding. On among our basic test slides, with a dark tree zone versus a light sky, for instance, the V850 did an extremely great task of keeping information in both light and dark locations.

A close take a look at side-by-side scans revealed that the V850's scan had simply a smidge much better resolution than the Epson V800's scan of the very same slide. The distinction revealed just to the most exacting professional photographers. I didn't see any distinction in vibrant variety in between the 2 scanners.

The V850 likewise handed in outstanding scans for photographic prints. That's totally foreseeable from its outcomes for movie, given that you can get great outcomes for prints with far lower resolution and vibrant variety than you require for movie. The scanner's Digital ICE likewise carried out as anticipated, doing an outstanding task of digitally getting rid of dust on both prints and movie, along with eliminating scratches from scanned prints.

I timed the scanner at approximately 55 seconds for a preview with 2 minutes 24 seconds for scanning 4 slides, and 1:21 for scanning one slide at 6,400 ppi. Scanning one frame of movie at 2,400 ppi took 37 seconds.

If you desire top-tier scan quality, and either aren't worried about color calibration or strategy to obtain a program like SilverFast Ai Studio 8 that provides its own color calibration, make certain to take a close take a look at the Editors' Choice Epson V850 Pro Scanner Review and Price. It supplies really almost the exact same scan quality as the Epson Perfection V850 Pro for about 25 percent less. If you're enough of a perfectionist to desire the V850's smidge much better resolution, nevertheless, you might well choose that the little enhancement in scan quality with the V850 deserves the extra expense.

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