Download Epson LX-50 Driver Printer

The Dot matrix printer, Epson LX-50 is a stylish, sleek, and yet unique printer with great at printing a wide receipt printing. To download the driver, click on the link we have already provided. 

The Epson LX-50 is a compact design printer, with a sleek, stylish, and unique compact style for the printer. It had a compact design which allows this printer to fit in a cramped desk and small space. Although this printer had a small, compact and sleek design, don’t underestimate what this printer can do. It can handle wide receipt printing, with a flexible and large invoice inside stamping technology. 

This printer is specially designed for a receipt printer, and it can print a monochrome wide receipt with ease. This printer provides a huge versatility and usage for receipt printing but comes with small, and space-saving design. This allows the customer to store this printer easily, while also enjoying the usage and versatility of this device. This printer is the perfect device for a retail store, drug store, and another store that needs quick printing for the receipt and needs wide receipt printing.

Epson LX-50 Driver

Epson LX-50 is a receipt printer type with Dot Matrix printing technology, compatible with PC and Mac. With dot-matrix printing technology, this receipt printer can easily print any receipt fast, print a wide range of variety of receipts, and can give you good enough printing quality. 

This printer only offers a monochrome color, so it cannot print any color except black, but it is good enough already for receipt printing. This printer can be a great help for any retail store, drug store, and minimarket. Any cashier will need this receipt printer device at their cashier desk. It used wired connectivity using parallel and USB cables to connect to the main PC. This printer also used EPSON ESC as the language simulation. This printer is reliable, dependable, and durable. It can withstand the test of time and proves to be useful for a long period of time. 

With dot matrix technology, this receipt printer can bring you faster printing speed, while giving a more precise printing output, and perfect results of the receipt printer. The main factors for every receipt printer are the printing speed. This receipt printer can print up to 300 characters per sec in high-speed draft mode, 225 characters per sec in draft mode, and 56 characters per sec for letter mode. It is considered to be a very fast receipt printer and not many receipt printers that can reach this speed. The Epson LX-50 had a fast receipt printing speed while offering sharp and precise results.     

The media this receipt printer use is plain paper, and the maximum media sizes for this printer are 4 in a roll, and 5 in a roll. There are three different outputs from this printer, the draft, high-speed draft, and letter quality. There are also 2 different resolution qualities of this printer, it is 10 cpi and 12 cpi. This printer can give a huge help for any retail store, drug store, mini market, and many other stores that need a fast receipt printer for their costumer. However, before you can start using The Epson LX-50 in your store, you will need a printer driver for this amazing receipt printer first. If you are looking to download this printer driver, you can click on the link above to download the driver for this printer.

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