Download Epson Stylus TX106 Driver Printer

The Epson Stylus TX106 is a complete all-in-one inkjet printer with a high-quality boost and faster printing speed. To download the driver for this amazing printer, click on the link bellows.

When it comes to an all-in-one inkjet printer that comes with a printer, scanning device, and a copying machine, you need to know the capability of the TX106. This printer is built-in for amazing printing quality, along with faster printing speed for medium, and big office uses. The good thing about this printer is, that this printer can print a good quality image, but provides a very economical cost. It cost at least only for 0.04 USD, for one full-color A-4 printing, but comes with 30 times higher quality, brighter, and sharper. Although some of the all-in-one printers had bad quality on printing output or printing speed, not for this printer. The inkjet printer system boosts the printing quality and speed, but also gives an economic cost.

Epson Stylus TX106 Driver

As for the print speed of The Epson Stylus TX106, it can print in monochrome up to 26 paper per minute, while for the full-color text, it can print up to 14 paper per minute, and for one 10x15 cm Photos, this printer can print for approximately 94 seconds. For this printer, the fastest printing mode is when printing on A4 paper. Although the printing speed can be different, depending on your system configuration and settings, the printing mode, the paper, photos and documents color complexity, the type of paper did you use, and also the connectivity from the devices. This is only the estimated printing speed, from the optimal and standard settings for this printer.

As for the scanning devices of The Epson Stylus TX106, it can scan any documents with sharp 600x1200 dpi. The scanning technology of this device is using the A4 Flatbed color image and using a CIS type sensor. It can scan any standard documents, with quite a fast speed. The standard speed of this scanner can reach 600 dpi and 4 msec/line for Black documents on A4, and 600 dpi with 12 msec/line for Color documents on A4. Again, this speed is the estimated speed for optimal and standard settings and connectivity for this printer. Although not many all-in-one devices can get such both high-quality output and also faster printing and scanning speed.

This printer is compatible with USB 2.0, and compatible with PC and Mac, and didn’t have built for wireless and internet printing. This is the downside of this printer, as there is already a lot of all-in-one inkjet printer that has better connectivity built-in, such as wireless printing and internet printing. Still, The Epson Stylus TX106 packs a huge punch for the good output quality, giving faster printing and scanning speed, along with better economic cost.

This printer is available for 127.000 USD, although the price may vary, depending on the region and build-in you order. The complete set, along with usable ink supply for this printer is at least 135.000 USD, and the running cost of this printer is pretty impressively low. If you want to download the driver for The Epson Stylus TX106, you can do it just by clicking on the link provided. 

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