This Is How Clean The Epson Printer Head Properly

To support productivity, a printer that will be used for daily needs must be in optimal condition. Sometimes there are some problems when using a printer such as imperfect printing or damage that occurs suddenly. 

You can overcome this by performing a head cleaning, which is the process of removing and cleaning the ink that has long settled in the bottom of the ink cartridge so that the nozzle returns to normal. The following step by step how to clean the Epson printer head.

How to Cleaning Epson Printer

Go to the Settings Menu

There are two differences in the printer settings menu on each computer OS regarding how to clean the Epson printer head. 

For Windows XP users, you can go to the Start Menu on your Windows computer. After that select the "Control Panel" menu. When it's open, select "Printers & Fax". If you are a Windows Vista user, then you enter the Start Menu, then select "Devices & Printers on your computer.

Select the Printer Device

After all the above processes you have done, then a window containing a list of connected devices will appear on your computer screen. Find the Epson printer that you want to clean. For simplicity, you should immediately look for the name of the printer that reads "Epson <type of printer>, easy enough right?

Printer Preferences

After you find the name of the Epson printer, then right-click on the device's name and select "Printer Preferences". 

The Epson printer settings window will open and select "Maintenance". In this window, you will find several things about Epson printer maintenance that you will do.

Head Cleaning Button

Then click the "Head Cleaning" button and several choices will appear regarding whether you will do the Cleaning or Power Cleaning. 

For those of you who are doing a head cleaning for the first time, it is recommended to choose Cleaning instead. After that, click the Start button to start the Head Cleaning process on your Epson printer.

Cleaning Process Underway

Now all you have to do is wait for the Head Cleaning process to finish.

During the process, you are not allowed to use the printer for other purposes that can interfere with the maintenance process. After the process is complete, you can do a trial by clicking the "Nozzle Check" button and following the instructions listed on the computer screen.

Optimal Image Results

After all the processes have been carried out, the last how to clean the Epson printer head is to compare the results of the images that have been printed on a piece of paper with images that are on your computer screen. 

If the results obtained are satisfactory and as you expected, then it can be said that the Head Cleaning process has been successful and you can close the Printer Preference window. If the results obtained do not match your expectations, then you can repeat the process once again by clicking the "Cleaning" button on the computer.

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