What are Epson Printers Print CDs

What Epson printer print CDs? Printing directly on CD, DVD, or Blu-ray discs media can be done using several types of Epson printers. You can adjust the title, background image, image, etc. Apart from that, the software on Epson printers is very easy to use and the results are also very high quality.

The Advantages of Printing Directly on a CD Using an Epson Printer

Some of the advantages when choosing Epson as a CD printing device are the costs you can save up to about 50% by only buying a disc that you can print with inkjet. 

Epson Printers Print CDs

Besides, the convenience of placing labels on a CD with a fast processor will also be found if you use an Epson printer. You will not find the potential damage to the disk drive that will interfere with the printing process because the technology and quality are guaranteed.

Print CDs Using Epson P-Series

Two types of Epson P-Series can be used for CD printing purposes, namely SureColor P400 Format Inkjet Printer and SureColor P600 Wide Format Inkjet Printer. 

Both types have different prices.

The P400 offers the UltraChrome HG2 Ink feature with exceptional print quality. Whereas on the P600 type, it brings an all-new feature to the needs of CD paint by combining all Epson UltraChrome HDR Ink for quality prints.

Epson Type XP Printer For CD Printing

This type is designed for the simplicity of users. Its all-in-ones and easy to use to print CDs become its advantages. 

Some of these types are Expression Premium XP-640 Printer, Expression Premium XP-830 Printer, and Expression Premium XP-7100 Printer. Ideal results for doing everyday tasks can also be done if using this printer.

Print CDs Using Epson Autoprinter Disc Producer For Business Purposes

What Epson printer print CDs? This, of course, can be done, one way is to use Discproducer Autoprinter from Epson. 

Especially for business purposes, this printer offers all the features you need, such as printing up to 100 discs in just one hour. The highly precise AcuGrip robot arm, the dynamic 6 color injection molding to the very easy to use software will allow you to get the quality of the CD image you are looking for.

How To Print Directly To a CD Using An Epson Printer

The first thing you need is the EPSON Print CD which is a software application that allows the printer to print directly to the CD to be printed later. 

Determine the size of the diameter of the image and CD, then select the background as desired, specify your image, enter the text, and after all that you do then the last step is to print on an Epson printer.

Benefits of EPSON Print CD

Some benefits are found in using the EPSON Print CD. You will be more creative and provide more ability to design unique CD covers. 

The software is easy to use, it only takes these 5 simple steps to get an amazing CD cover. Also, a professional touch will be seen from you after printing the CD. 

The question of what Epson printer print CDs seem to have answered and hopefully can be an inspiration for you in choosing the appropriate Epson printer.

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