The Easy Epson Printer Cannot Communicate With Scanner Solution

Epson printer cannot communicate with scanner solution is basic knowledge that you should know. Epson, Multifunction Printer, or Printer that has been equipped with Print, Scan and copy facilities, we can say one type of printer that is needed now. 

Besides the price is quite affordable, of course, with these facilities we as users can be increasingly easy to complete every job, whether in the office, home, to school children.

Epson Printer Cannot Communicate With Scanner

Some Epson multifunction printer products have a scanner, with that facility makes it easy for you to scan your documents in the form of image files (jpg, png, etc.) or documents such as doc or pdf. Besides functioning as a document scanner in the form of files, the scanner also functions as a substitute for photocopies. All you have to do is load the document, select scan, the document will print on paper in a short time.

However, in everyday use, we often find various problems with Epson printer damage, such as ink not coming out, full ink tanks and scanners cannot be used for scanning, so we should know about Epson printer cannot communicate with scanner solution. 

In fact, there is one problem that becomes a barrier when we use this kind of printer, namely the emergence of Error Scanner, or Scanner Can not be detected by a computer Even though the Printer is ON. Usually, a Cannot Communicate with The Scanner warning will appear.

The warning indicates that the Scanner cannot be used due to Lost Connection. Now if you also encounter Scanner Error constraints as shown in the window. And hopefully with this simple tutorial can give you a little insight and solutions for those of you who experience problems as listed in the title above. a printer.

So let's get to the point, how to do the Epson printer cannot communicate with scanner solution?? You should try this.

  1. Right-click on the Shortcut Scanner then select the bottom part of the Properties.
  2. A new window will open, select Compatibility, then select or check the Run This Program as an Administrator.
  3. Then just jump Select OK.
  4. Finished

Now please try activating your Scanner, this method applies if the unit Scanner does not experience interference, in this case, there is no damage that occurs in the Scanner part, for such problems, need further action, either repair the part or replace it with a new one, but if the problem is caused due to a system error, I think this method is quite powerful.

That's how to do an Epson printer cannot communicate with scanner solution. This method might be applicable to other brands of multifunction printers that have scanners such as Canon, HP, and other multifunction printers.

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