The Solution To Overcoming Epson Printers End Of Service Life Messages

One obstacle that will occur when using Epson products is the emergence of an Epson printer end of service life message. As with other printer products, all consumer products related to inkjet have a limited service life due to the frequent use of printer components under normal use. 

This is one of the normal cycles that occur in mechanical printers. For those of you who want to continue to use Epson printers, it is highly recommended to take them to an Epson authorized Service Center so that they can be repaired.

Epson Printers End Of Service Life

Ink Pads Are Worn Out

The Epson printer end of service life message that appears refers to Epson's worn out printer ink pads. 

The use of a printer for a long period and is often used will make components reach the end of their useful life. The porous ink pads serve as the distribution of ink to the paper to be printed. The ink found on the ink pads will gradually settle and make the printer components wear slowly.

Things That Can Be Done Temporarily

You can still use the Epson printer for a while by removing the message that appears using the Maintenance Reset Utility. 

This method can only be done once and the printer can be used in a short time. 

You can download Maintenance Reset Utility at the bottom of the end of service message. Later there will be information about things to do to download it.

Do This If The Maintenance Reset Is Not Running

You can contact the Epson authorize Customer Service Center so that the printer can be repaired or contact the Epson Contact Center in the United States or Canada to request a referral. 

Repairing an Epson printer may not be an option that will help you because the costs are quite expensive. For low-cost printers, usually, the other components will come close to the limit of their useful life. It would be more economical if you buy a new Epson printer.

Is It Recommended To Fix It Yourself?

Epson does not encourage its users to do their printer repairs. 

Technicians who handle printer repairs will usually be more understanding about ink pads that are starting to wear out and which can still be used for a while. The technician will calculate the ink base according to the safety margin to limit ink spills to the area around the printer.

How To Avoid This Problem In The Future

There is an offer from Epson that is an optional service contract that is more cost-effective for one to two years in addition to a one-year standard product warranty. With this option, you can ensure the condition of Epson printers is maintained properly with regular maintenance for up to 3 years.

Alternative Choice

A choice you can make when an Epson printer end of service life message appears is to use a software called Resetter that you can download for free on the internet. But this method is not recommended because it could violate the policy of the Epson of its products.

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