Download Epson WorkForce DS-760 Driver Scanner

Epson DS-760 is a fast scanner that is ideal for the workgroup. Download its driver below to enjoy fast scanning speed.

  • Epson WorkForce DS-760 Driver for Mac
  • Epson WorkForce DS-760 Driver for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit

Having a standalone scanner instead of using an all-in-one device must be a good idea when we have many works which include scanning. With DS-760 it is possible for us to get the most of our works easily thanks to its feature and technology. 

Epson WorkForce DS-760 Driver

It comes in a compact design which we can place in any environment. In this case, we do not need to worry about the space which it will take since the size of this scanner will fit perfectly even though you want to share the space with other devices. 

When we are talking about this DS-760, we should not forget the main feature like ADF and duplex scanning which is provided by Epson. Epson DS-760 is known for its ability to provide fast scanning for users. Thanks to ADF or Automatic Document Feeder and duplex scanning, users can be more productive while they are scanning various documents. It is possible for automatic double-sided scanning as well. It means that we can leave the scanner all alone when we want to scan both of the document’s sides. 

Moreover, this scanner is also found to give excellent performance. Compared with another heavy-duty scanner like Xerox DocuMate 5445, this DS-760 seems to provide faster speed even though both of the scanners promise 45 PPM rate speed. Epson DS-760, on the other hand, is offered at a slightly lower price compared with a similar device in its class. With that slightly lower price, the DS-760 has also been equipped with the Document Capture Pro feature which makes it easy for users to convert the result of scanning into various document formats as well as to any management system. 

Furthermore, the Document Capture Pro also allows users of DS-760 to choose more than one destination for every scanning result. In this case, there are some destinations like a disk, email program as an attachment, an FTP website, a printer, and any other applications which support the format of Epson DS-760 Document Capture Pro. If you like to send the result to SharePoint, Web Folder, Google Drive, and other cloud destinations, you can also do it directly from the scanner when you use this scanner. In this case, you will need drivers for the feature in order to make use of it in the scanner. You can get the driver later.

Despite its very great feature which has been explained before, we cannot deny that there is something which is a lack of the feature. When we are talking about DS-760, it is a pity that this scanner only offers app software in the light version. However, we can say that overall this scanner is a very good choice for small office or workgroup which want to share a scanning device between some users. Then, how can we get the driver? You can simply click on the provided link above and get the driver for Epson DS-760.

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