Download Epson DS-1660W Driver Scanner

Epson DS-1660W is an affordable scanner with versatile features. Get its driver here to enjoy all its great features.

  • Epson DS-1660W Driver for Mac
  • Epson DS-1660W Driver for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit

When there are numerous scanners for heavy-duty scanning works available in the high price tag, this Epson Workforce DS-1660W comes at a more affordable price than some of them. Despite its lower price, we will not see lower quality from this scanner

Epson DS-1660W Driver

You may just not be able to see some of the premium features available on the scanners which are offered in a higher class. With a small design and elegant design, it will be a real completion for your work desk. Now, let’s learn more about this scanner as follow.

Similar to other standalone scanners which are offered under the Workforce series, this Workforce DS-1660W also offers the convenience of an automatic document feeder. 

However, it is only a 50-page automatic document feeder which is provided for this Epson DS-1660W. But, you will still get to scan a variety of demanding documents like a book, passport, bound document, fragile item when using this scanning device. 

Moreover, you can also get all the results fast and simply without having too much worry. Then, don’t forget that the ADF feature will allow us to enhance our own products as well.

Next, we should not forget about the speed rate. This DS-1660W is actually claimed as the quickest one among its class with 25 papers per minute scanning speed. However, with the higher devices which are able to produce 45 papers per minute, it seems as slow speed compared with the higher device in the Workforce series. 

Then, Epson DS-1660W is also claimed to have intelligent features like image adjustment and smart color. In this case, users are allowed to do auto cropping, background removing, skewing correction, and others. It is thanks to Image Processing technology that makes it possible.

Furthermore, this DS-1660W also has the ability to scan up to three meters of paper when it is set in long document mode. Then, since it offers Wi-Fi as well as Wi-Fi Direct connectivity, it will be easier for some users to use this scanner together. 

That’s why this Epson DS-1660W becomes an excellent solution for a workgroup that needs a scanning device that can be used effortlessly by many users. More interestingly, it also has Epson Scan App support which allows you to control your scanning job by using a mobile device. At this point, you will have several ways to communicate with this scanner.

Until this point, it seems that most of the reviews about the DS-1660W above are not bad. Overall, this scanning device is very reliable for any scanning job. 

We can use it to scan various documents and books easily. We can also share the device between some users. Now, the most important thing is to get the driver and make use of this scanner as soon as possible. For your information, you will need compatible drivers to activate all the beneficial features above. So, if you do not have the suitable drivers for Epson DS-1660W, you can download it on the available link above. 

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