Download Epson DS-1630 Driver Scanner

Epson DS-1630 becomes a good choice of the flatbed color scanner. To experience how great it is, click the link of downloading drivers as follows. 

  • Epson DS-1630 Driver for Mac
  • Epson DS-1630 Driver for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit

Epson DS-1630 is one of the scanners that will give people a good device to scan various documents needed. This scanner machine is supported by flatbed color scanner technology so the users will find various good things when they are using the machine. Of course, it is something good to support people's works at the office or at home. 

Epson DS-1630 Driver Scanner

Then all of the features offered on this machine can be got in a low-priced device. This matter is an interesting idea because many scanner machines with great features are sold at a high price. Since this machine is not, it means that the owners are able to spend lower money to use the device. 

Moreover talking about good things in Epson DS-1630, actually, there are several pros which people must know. To begin with, there is a fast single-sided scanning. As it is known that this Epson scanner is equipped with the technology of simplex and duplex scanning. About the simplex one, people can find a faster scanning rather than the duplex or double-sided scanning. That is why this device is very recommended to those who need a simplex scanner. Otherwise, it is good for people who can mostly one-page documents only. 

After that, that other pro which is provided in this Epson DS-1630 is about the document and contact management software. In this case, the software supported in the machine will give a better scanner. An Epson Document Capture Pro here enables the device to save the scanned files to a file, cloud or email. Of course, it will make the users get easiness in figuring out the file or maybe they are able to choose to save it to the place as they want to. 

Then the OCR program or optical character recognition here is so accurate. That is why the scanned documents will be so clear and it is like the original documents.

On the contrary, this machine also has cons or bad things that caused the users disappointed. Not only about its slow duplex printing, but there is also another thing that people can find here. In this case, it relates to saving the file of scanned documents. This DS-1630 is actually equipped with the feature to save scans into various format files. One of them is to searchable PDF. 

Unfortunately, when another scanner can save scans to searchable PDF faster but this machine is not. The users can find it a slower time to save it into searchable PDF then. 

In summary, although this machine comes with a slow duplex scanning and slower time to save the scans into searchable PDF format, this Epson printer can still give all users something good. It includes a capable and reliable scanner in a lower price. Its software equipped also will not cause people disappointed. In addition, to start the experience in using Epson DS-1630, click the link having been provided before. 

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