Download Epson WorkForce DS-530N Driver Scanner

Epson WorkForce DS-530N is a scanner with many intelligent features that supported it. Just click the following link to its driver scanner to use the device. 

  • Epson WorkForce DS-530N Driver for Mac
  • Epson WorkForce DS-530N Driver for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit

With modern technology nowadays, Epson then launches its scanner supported by intelligent features. It is Epson WorkForce DS-530N which provides a better improvement in the efficiency of the scanner. 

Epson WorkForce DS-530N Driver

This must be something good since the users can get a better device. Here it is able to scan fragile or crumpled documents thus people not only can scan a good document. Then, the Active Separation Roller System will ensure all the documents have been scanned well. It means that there is no page of the documents which is not scanned here. Then there are many other features offered on this machine that the users should know and check the information out in the next paragraphs.

Besides the functions giving above, the Active Separation Roller System offered in Epson WorkForce DS-530N also has another function. Here it enables the users to get two-sided scanned documents or duplex scanning. This feature is a good one since all users are able to scan both sides of the documents in one process of scanning. 

It means that the time to scan becomes faster and efficient. Moreover, its Double Feed Detection or DFDS will give easiness to people in scanning difficult media such as documents with post-it notes and envelopes. Thus it eases many people to scan various documents in one machine only. 

In the next feature in Epson, WorkForce DS-530N is the Auto Scan Mode there. This feature, of course, is something great since it enables people to process many documents scanned to be one file. As we know that in the common scanner found the process of scanning many documents into one file only is a little bit difficult and it needs more time. Nonetheless, it is different here. With the automatic scanning mode offered, all users are able to scan them in one quick process only then. 

About its connectivity, this Epson scanner has a flexible one. In this case, there is a high-speed USB 3.0 with ISIS and also TWAIN drivers to enhance the compatibility of the device with management software. 

After that, as the industry-first with Slow Mode, this scanner actually not only gives the users a greater thing. Thus for the next feature offered here is its network sharing. People can find that the file of scanned documents will be found in many devices, so it is not only connected to a computer or PC. 

Furthermore, there is also an optional flatbed conversion kit in this scanner from Epson. This matter is something good actually to show the users a better device to support people's works. Last to experience all the things having been explained above indeed the first thing that must be done is downloading the drivers of Epson WorkForce DS-530N. In this case, the users just need to click the link mentioned before to download and then install the driver for this scanner. 

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