Download Epson AL-C500 Driver Printer

Epson AL-C500 is a cost-effective solution. If you want to download its driver, just click on the following link below. 

  • Epson AL-C500 Driver for Mac
  • Epson AL-C500 Driver for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit

Epson AL-C500 Driver

When we are talking about a cost-effective laser printer, the WorkForce AL-C500 must be one of the printers to mention. Among many other printers available right now, this printing device can be the best choice for everyone who is seeking for lower cost expense. 

It is claimed that this printer is all ideal for office companies which needs up-to-date materials for their marketing demands. In this case, this printer will become a good agent to help printing office documents as well as marketing materials right in the office room itself.

Moreover, this Epson AL-C500 is also competitive when it comes to its performance. It is able to produce monochrome and color page in only 45 ppm or pages-per-minute. Supporting the high-speed performance, Epson AL-C500 also offers a high capacity of the toner cartridge as well as high paper capacity. These features will be surely helpful to give you the most of printing professional documents. When it comes to paper capacity, you can expect for 2,900 maximum paper input on the tray. And there are two trays available which you can decide to put the same paper format or not. 

Furthermore, the AL-C500 also makes it possible for us to save more time by using the duplex feature. This feature makes us possible to print double side document automatically. It means that we do not need to interfere the printer when printing double side document. Epson AL-C500 also features 120.000 pages duty cycle which make it more reliable for professional usage. 

Now, printing many materials including marketing thing will be fast and easily by using AL-C500. Most interestingly, it will cost you in lower expense because many cost-effective technologies attached. 

In addition, this AL-C500 also has some optional connectivity features which will help you to communicate with the printer. USB 2.0 is available as standard connectivity feature. Then, there is also several network printing protocols such as TCP/IP, FTP, Net BIOS, AppleTalk and more. 

It means that your Epson AL-C500 is able to be utilized in such different choices especially when it comes to network sharing. However, it seems like we do not see any Wi-Fi connection in the service even we still can use the available network through FTP, TCP/IP, and other protocols. It does not become a big deal then.

On the other hand, we cannot deny that this professional printer does not cost cheaply. To have a variety of features which we can get in such an amazing way, we should pay for something that is quite expensive. However, it can be said that it is comparable with the features provided. 

Then, how about the drivers? To make us of this printing device, we cannot forget about installing drivers first. If you cannot find any driver available on your package, you can download the driver on this article. All you need to do is scrolling up and download the Epson AL-C500 driver on the link above. 

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