Download Epson EP-978A3 Driver Scanner

Looking for a nice scanner for your document or even your photo? Choose EP-978A3 for your option. You can also get the driver by clicking the links below.

  • Epson EP-978A3 Driver for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Epson EP-978A3 Driver for Linux
  • Epson EP-978A3 Driver for Mac

The hydraulic and automatic system can show any superiorities of this product. 

Epson EP-978A3 Driver Scanner

Use it for scanner and scanning or copying your document! The connection to the device provides many ways such as from email, Wi-Fi, USB, or even micro SD memory.

The EP-978A3 review a specification

The using system for the width, height, and depth sizes are 479 x 295 x 668 mm and stored in 479 x 148 x 356 mm. The unit system weight of this scan is 8.7 kg. 

It doesn’t include the power cable and cartridge. To know more about the operating of this scan detailly. Read some reviews below and don’t forget to download the driver too

Get the nice color for your documents and photos

The Epson EP-978A3 is set using the six-color of ink cartridges. 

The provided colors are black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, and light magenta. 

The paper scan shows a clear and bright color which is suitable for your best paper scan.

Scan and copy easily with the software provided

The scan provides the software for making it easy to scan or copy. 

The name is ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe. From this software, the user can set the schedule list or draw at the A3 paper for scanning any work which needs large paper. 

When several scanner don’t provide the A3 size, it comes to solve that problem. You can scan your photograph too with high resolution which will not make you disappointed. It causes the six-color ink combination added.

Scan anytime and anywhere without bothered

The scan has been set to be able to scan from any device. You can use your Digital Camera and smartphone to scan your document or photo efficiently. The result will give a good performance too. The device will edit the document before scanner it out. 

The editing process is using editing parameters. The device is also equipped with an LCD wide touch-screen at 4.3 types to scan or copy by sliding a finger on the screen in your smartphone.

The scanner supports several sheets such as single sheet, envelope, postcards to be printed. The capacity of A4 paper is up to 100 sheets with weight is 75 g/ sqm. For the postcards, the type is up to 60 shots. 

The photo which will be scanned is going to direct scan. The photos which have been edited can be saved into a micro SD memory card. It will work with the LCD screen of the printer. So, you can operate it without a computer. 

The resolution for scanning of this scan is 50 to 4800 dpi, 7200 dpi, a 9600 dpi. And the maximum resolution for printing is 5760 x 1440 dpi. The power supply needed is 100 AC. Usually, it uses for A4 and A3 papers. You can get many advantages from this printer. Get the beautiful result from your photograph or even you can copy, scan, and print with good quality without regardless. Take the driver here.

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