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Epson L1110 Driver Printer

For those of you who are looking for a single-function printer, the Epson L1110 is the answer. Epson L1110 Printer Review will explain how a recent innovation from Epson, an update from the type L120 to the type of printer that uses 4 digit numbers.

In its latest L-series with 4-digit numbers, Epson has begun to innovate to design elegant and more efficient body printer models. 

If the L120 type we see the design of the printer by placing the ink cartridge on the side next to the printer, the Epson L1110 and other L-series change the placement on the ink cartridge is almost one on the front side so it will not take up much space on our table. 

With the transparent ink cartridge model aiming to make it easier for users to check ink levels, the ink refill system is specially designed. Another convenience offered by the Epson L1110 printer is the difference in the procedure for ink filling. 

The ink cartridge owned by Epson L1110 is very easy to operate, even for beginners. Its technology and design make it easy for users to refill ink without having to be afraid of spills and others.

And for your information, this type of printer is also cheaper than L3110 and L3150 printers. Even so, the print speed offered by the L1110 is no less fast than the L-series types above. 

Carrying On-Demand Inkjet - Piezoelectric printing technology makes this printer has a very satisfying quality and speed. The speed of printing between black and white and color results turned out to be different. 

With print speeds up to 33 ppm for black and white and 15 ppm for colors that make your time more efficient when printing in large quantities.

Balanced with high printing resolutions of up to 5760 x 1440 dpi makes the printing results of the Epson L1110 printer not only fast in its workmanship but with clear text quality results, and sharp image quality as well. Here are some complete specifications of the EPSON L1110 printer. For paper sizes, this Epson L1110 printer has a maximum size on A4 paper. 

Not only does it have an elegant printer design and also satisfying speed and printing results, but another advantage of this Epson L1110 printer is also that it has ink-saving printing technology that is economical in printing costs. How, even as a single function, the speed and print output offered is not in doubt, right? The price is so economical.

That's a brief Epson l1110 review. Does this printer suit your needs?

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