Download Epson SX100 Driver Printer

Epson SX100 is the answer for those looking for a modest price printer. Download the driver below before using the device. 

Epson SX100 Driver

We know that a printer is an important device in which almost all people need nowadays. If you do not want to buy a too expensive or too cheap device, Epson SX100 can be the right choice. It is because of its price which is modest enough. Even though it is sold at a modest price this printer will still give you some great points. 

What are those things? For instance is about the design of it which is so attractive with two provided colors, shiny black, and gray. You are able to choose your favorite color here. Besides, there are still various things that make this Epson printer is recommended the device. 

One of them is the technology of an all-in-one printer. As another multifunctional device, Epson SX100 also provides the users some functions on one device that are scanning, printing, and copying. Hence you are able to do all of those three functions on this device. 

With the basic facilities offered Epson SX100 becomes the right choice if you need a printing machine used at your home. The small size of it then is a good offer since people are able to move and bring it easily to wherever they want to. Then its very conventional design is nice for those who have basic work using a printing machine. 

The feature of CIS or Contact Image Sensor here will help you to scan the documents up to the A4 size of paper. All users will find the control panel to scan their documents on the left-hand hand side of the printer. In this control panel, you also can see the button of black/white and color which have to function to separate the colored and black/white copies. To know how to use the panel what to do is you just read the instruction book. 

After that, the users will not find the facility to connect the device to a PictBridge camera. Here they just get the connection for the USB 2.0 slot on the rear side. 

Maybe this point makes you feel a little disappointed with Epson SX100. Although the connection we can say is limited enough, Epson builds the power units inside the device so that there will not a power adapter block under the desk.  

Its separate ink cartridges in the device then become something interesting from this Epson printer as well. 

Then the software installation and the other features will make it greater. For example, is tools to print documents from Web pages, and also there is a basic photo editing feature too. Talking more about this Epson SX100 the speed of printing is quite nice. 

It can be shown by the speed of it which can reach 26 ppm for black/white documents and for the colored one is 14 ppm. Something good actually for a printer with a modest price. Last, you should download its driver first in the links provided before. 

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