Download Epson EW-M660FT Driver Printer

The Epson EW-M660FT is a printer model equipped with a Print / Fax / Scan/cable / wireless LAN inkjet multifunction machine that will make you easy to operate. Here it can be easy to get the drivers below.

  • Epson EW-M660FT Driver for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Epson EW-M660FT Driver for Mac
  • Epson EW-M660FT Driver for Linux

This EW-M660FT model is designed to facilitate your work because it is designed multifunctional all-in-one. 

Having ink with a very large capacity or Eco tank, you can print about 11,300 pages only with ink bundled at the time of first unit purchase. 

Review The Detail of EW-M660FT

Epson EW-M660FT Driver

There are several advantages offered by EW-M660FT that can be used to print documents or photos. 

You can also use it to send the fax, scan, and LAN connection circle, so that this tool can facilitate you in all activities in one machine and of course very efficient and efficient. Get the driver now!

Large Tank Capacity save up to 80%

One of the things that are often considered before buying a printer is to look at the ink capacity. Please note that Epson EW-M660FT has a very large tank capacity or Eco tank with a compact design that is 515 mm x 360 mm x 241 mm will facilitate you in the installation. 

In use, you do not need to replace the ink because the use of ink can save up to 80%. You can even print 300 pages with A4 paper size in a month without having to buy additional ink for 2 years.

Easy and Convenient

In addition to the ink capacity that can save up to 80%, in use the printer model is very easy and convenient. The printer model is designed to be so simple that it is so easy and convenient to use every day. The operation button is colored and on the front. 

To fill the ink just by injected from the bottle to the ink tank machine. So you don’t have to worry about ink on your hands and clothes. Also when you are want to print at night. 

You can use it by considering the environment around you by choosing a mode to reduce noise during operation.

Ease of Print

The advantages of this one no doubt, the existence of a Wi-Fi connection available on the printer. The more ease you to print from a smartphone or a variety of applications. 

You can save time and effort because there is no need to move the cable from one computer to the other because one printer can be used by everyone by using the Wi-Fi connection.

Fax / Email Print

For those of you who get a fax or email submission, you no longer need to painstakingly to move the file to a flash disk and then connected it to the computer. 

You can directly print text or attached files. No special application is required, please send the attached file via email then you can print it anywhere and anytime.

Epson EW-M660FT Printer model with a maximum print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi printouts are guaranteed to be excellent and of high quality. 

This printer can be placed anywhere and will not spend space because the width of the engine is 515 mm. As for the high 241 mm. This printer is also very lightweight because it weighs only 7.3kg (main body including consumer goods). This machine is very suitable to accompany all your activities because one machine offers various functions. Download the driver now.

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