Download Epson Stylus S22 Driver Printer

Choosing Epson Stylus S22 as your compact single-function printer is a good idea. To download its driver you click the link below.

  • Epson Stylus S22 Driver for Windows 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Epson Stylus S22 Driver for Mac
  • Epson Stylus S22 Driver for Linux

Epson Stylus S22 Driver

Epson Stylus S22 is one of the products of Epson that offer a single function. In this case, it means that this device has one function only and it is different from the other products providing multiple functions. With its single function, this device is very nice for those who just need it to print documents and photos. Then its compact design is something great from the device as well. 

With the design, all users are able to bring and move it easier since it's lighter weight compared to another printer from Epson. Then what are the features of this device? Get the information by reading the paragraphs below.

In this case, Epson Stylus S22 has a matt black finish, and then it is a slight shine as well so it adds the attractiveness of the device. 

For it's on/off button is on the front side where the light of ink out/low around it. Moreover for those who are the first time using the printer, actually there is nothing that you should worry about. It is because this device can be set up easily. 

As it is known that setting a printer somehow is a little bit difficult. However, it is not for this Epson product that is very simple and easy to be set up.

Then Epson Stylus S22 has four different cartridges offered although it does not help the print quality of the device. A comfortable use can be found here as well with its paper tray which can hold A4 80 sheets. After that here people can find that printing documents are easier. 

Its simple design help the users to print documents, even to print color photographs and graphics. Unfortunately, the quality of the prints using this device is not competitive compared to other printer models. Hence if you look for a great print quality this device is not the best answer. 

As a solely designed device to be used with Mac or PC, Epson S22 may have many bad points. Besides its print quality, no slots for USB and memory card comes to be another bad point of the device. 

It means that you cannot print the documents directly from a memory card or USB. No LCD screen is the next bad thing from it but how to print documents can be still easy. Then all users also cannot print wirelessly since there is no connectivity for it. Thus they only can print manually.

For those who need a powerful printer, this Epson product may not the right one. However, if you need a backup or second printer this device comes to be a great idea actually. 

With several features offered above, it is enough for the users. Then in running Epson Stylus S22 itself what is needed is downloading the driver. You can get it by downloading it in the provided links above. 

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