Download Epson SX510FW Driver Printer

The Epson SX510FW is a printer that focuses on speedy printing and a Wi-Fi connection feature. To start your exciting printing experience download the driver below.

Epson SX510FW Driver

Epson SX510FW
is an all-in-one machine that attracts many loves and loyalty from many customers. This printer has many positive opinions and reviews on the internet. Costumers love it because this Epson printer is a reliable machine that we can rely on for office work and home purposes. 

The old model of this type also receives many loves and support from the customer, And this product is the improvement of the old one. Basically similar models, but the additional Wi-Fi network support, makes this product even more popular and loved. Since Wi-Fi connection become popular in the world. 

Printers right now must have Wi-Fi connectivity to compete with another printer. By using a Wi-Fi connection we can easily print the documents from our desk, no need to walk to printer, printing office. No time waste on walking, much more time-efficient to do our job.  

The Epson SX510FW comes with black and compact models. It had a piano black scanner lid, with visual textures of gray dots. The layout of these models is pretty simple and conventional. 

But people love it because of its simplicity. The paper input is a vertical stack at the back of the printer. And the output tray is located in the front. The control panel is on the left side of the scanner. The control panels come with a full-color LCD and pretty easy to understands and easy to use.  

There are also two memory card slots under the control panel. There are a PictBridge socket and USB drive connector. You can print files directly from a USB but you can’t scan directly to it. The additional Wi-Fi feature is awesome. This printer is already great without it, and now it can print using a wireless connection so it’s really helpful.

But the best thing about Epson SX510FW is the printing speed. It can print 36 pieces of paper per minute for black and color. For the black text print speed is 11,5 paper per minute in normal mode, for five paged documents and 14 paper per minute for a 20 paged one. 

The printing speed of five paged black text and color graphics jobs is 6, 25 paper per minute. This is a really fast printing speed compared to any other printer brands, such as Canon and HP. 

Epson is quite proud of these products since this product is quite loved and popular for office or home purposes. Epson SX510FW had fast printing speed, but the downside is, this printer had a loud printing noise. 

This loud printing noise comes from the paper feed mechanism. So you need to put the printer pretty far away from your desk, to avoid the annoying loud noise, but with the Wi-Fi network, is not the problem anymore. 

You can put the printer away from the desk, and print it right from your desk without even stand up and walk to the printer. To start your dazzling printing experience with great output and fast speed, download the driver from the provided above. 

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